Nulo Pet Food Sale $5 off till July 4, 2017 In-store

Nulo Pet Food Sale $5 off till July 4, 2017 In-store 0

Fuel your pets inner athlete with 5-star rated Nulo Pet Food!
*High Animal-Based Protein
*Low Carbohydrate and Low Glycemic
*Patented BC30 Probiotic
*Made in USA

$5 off ALL Nulo bags of dog and cat through July
4, 2017

Freeze-dried Raw and Dehydrated Dog Food 0

Basically, freeze dried foods have nutritional superiority of a raw diet in a convenient form. It doesn’t need to be frozen or defrosted. Feeding raw can be messy, but freeze-dried and dehydrated food can be scooped right into your dog's bowl. It can be an easy way to introduce and include raw in a pet’s diet. Some of the benefits of a raw diet are leaner muscle, cleaner teeth, better skin and coat, smaller stool and better overall health. Here at Dale's, we sell several freeze-dried raw and dehydrated dog food brands including Nature's Valley Instinct Rawboost Mixers, Acana, etc. Take a look at our shop page and it'll say in the product title and description if its freeze dried raw food.

Welcome to our new website! 0

Thank you for visiting our new website. Dale's Town & Country has been serving the farming, ranch, & pet community for over 35 years! We're your source for pet food, pet supplies, feed supply, clothing & more. We have all the premium dog food brands. We have an in-store Vet Clinic every Saturday from 9am-12pm(walk-ins welcome) & a Spaying-Neutering Clinic on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays by appointment only. We also have pet grooming here everyday we're open. We treat animals like family, and promise to provide you great service and knowledge! As you probably found out we now have an online store, where you can see and buy some of the products we also sell at our retail front. Give us a call at 623-584-5737. Our address is 14320 W Waddell Rd. Surprise, AZ 85379. Our email is Again, thank you and have a great day!